MASHICO x Peanuts Tumbler 190ml (Light Blue / Yellow)




Mashiko is a pottery brand of Mashiko ware, a traditional craft that is produced around Mashiko Town, Haga District, Tochigi Prefecture. In the MASHICO PEANUTS series, which expresses the world view of PEANUTS in a colorful way with the traditional glaze handed down to Mashiko, we designed each scene depicted in the early comics of the 1950s-53 series to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the birth of Peanuts. Product Details Color Light blue / Yellow Size Diameter about 84mm x Height about 100mm Capacity about 190ml Material Pottery (Mashiko ware) Made in Japan 4580486446128 (Light Blue) 4580486446111 (Yellow) 發貨安排:只限自取 我們收到款項後才正式落單,依過數通知排單出貨,如有現貨約2-4個工作天(公眾假期除外)安排寄出,如沒有現貨便要訂貨約14個工作天 如貨品缺貨或停產,本店會再通知客人退錢。

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