PEANUTS Cafe Tableware Classic Series Mug Cup (只限自取)



A simple "classic series" that takes advantage of the texture of black clay and the gentle rim lines. With its calm coloring and simple design, it can be used not only in cafe time but also in the dining scene as a soup cup or salad bowl. Mino ware is handmade one by one by craftsmen at a kiln in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture. PEANUTS Cafe original tableware that you can enjoy different expressions one by one. It is also used in the PEANUTS Cafe store. Item specifications Φ110 × H60mm Mino ware 2200000335067 購物滿五百以上可享送貨優惠! 發貨安排: 我們收到款項後才正式落單,依過數通知排單出貨,如有現貨約2-4個工作天(公眾假期除外)安排寄出,如沒有現貨便要訂貨約14個工作天 如貨品缺貨或停產,本店會再通知客人退錢。

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