Snoopy World Travel Bowl 14 Country 只限自取




It is a world travel series where Snoopy and peanut friends travel the world. Please enjoy the cute Snoopy world view at the table ♪ You can enjoy collecting the places of memories you have visited so far. I'm excited about which pattern to use every day ♪ This is a salad bowl that is perfect for the green and yellow vegetables you want to eat every day. The main body of Mino ware has a taste of Japanese tableware, which is unusual for a Snoopy pattern. There are cute patterns on the sides, upper inside, and back. Size: Width / 12.5 × 12.5cm Height / 7cm Material: Porcelain Weight: 320g Capacity: 450ml Microwave oven: OK Dishwasher: OK Made in Japan Germany/ 30309 Mexico/ 30310 Vietnam/ 30311 New York/ 30312 Canada/30313 Italy/30324 Netherland/30323 London/ 30307 Greece/30317 Australia / 30318 Hawaii / 30322 Taiwan /30400 Wien / 30408 Egypt / 30349 Switzerland / 30314 發貨安排:只限自取 我們收到款項後才正式落單,依過數通知排單出貨,如有現貨約2-4個工作天(公眾假期除外)安排寄出,如沒有現貨便要訂貨約14個工作天 如貨品缺貨或停產,本店會再通知客人退錢。

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